1Is your jewellery Real Sterling Silver?

Yes! All our jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver.

2) Will your jewellery turn black?

No. Unless left in a damp ,moisture filled area.

All 925 Sterling silver jewellery irrespective of the brand will tarnish overtime if not taken care of.

However, 925 Sterling silver can be made as good as new when polished by using a Sterling silver dipping liquid.

3) Does Rae save Jewellery come in a box?

Yes! All full priced items com in a lovely white gift box & bag.

Sales items are also beautifully packaged in branded Sale envelops & matchbox.

4) Do you sell anywhere else or can we try before buying?

Yes! You may visit the Ripe Market In Dubai to have a look at our collection.

For schedule, follow us (@raesaviajewellery) or Ripe Market (@ripemarket) on Instagram.

5) What if my necklace or bracelet snaps?

Do bring it with you to the Ripe Market and if it is fixable,I will fix it at no extra charge. If it needed to be replaced, there will be a fee. 

6) Is all your Jewellery all handmade?

No. Around 60% is Handmade, the rest is sourced from trusted sources in Thailand, US & India. 

7) Do you offer discounts if 10 or more items are purchased?

No. For wholesale discounts, a minimum of 25 items must be purchased to avail a 15-20% off.Not applicable on sale items. 

8) How long does an item take to ship?

1-2 Days for most items.
3-5 days for handmade & personalised items.
I try my best to ship items as soon as I can.

No shipping is done on Saturdays and Sundays.

9) Who will deliver the items?

I use the best & reliable delivery service provide, Fetcher. You may download their app to track your shipment.

10) Do you accept cash on delivery?

 Yes, We do! 

11) Is your jewellery chemical free?

Yes! All my jewellery Is Cadmium, lead & nickel free. 

12) Is your personalised jewellery made by a machine?

No. All personalised jewellery is made by hand & stamped by hand. Hence the font/content will not be as perfect as machine engraved jewellery.Thats what makes it so unique and special. (Please be sure to note this point before purchase ) 

13) Will you have international delivery in the future?

Yes , we will very soon. Stay tuned.  

For Any other questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to email us at info@raesaviajewellery.com or WhatsApp us on +971 55 66 77 516.